Sunday, December 2, 2018


This week we continue our Battles of the American Revolution series coverage with the fourth title from GMT, Savannah.  This game features additional rules to cover the 1779 siege, expanding the system by adding a simple narrative preamble to the game in the form a series of "strategic turns."  These strategic turns add a set of random events and pre-assault maneuvering that allow the player to alter the historical situation that lead to the original failure of the allied Revolutionary and French forces to take the city. Combat resolution remains essentially the same from previous games without delving into complex siege mechanics.   Here we see my allied forces begin building siege works which help to soften the defenses when completed. Meanwhile Mike L. reinforces the city redoubts with his British troops.

Saturday, October 13, 2018


This weeks Friday session against Mike L. saw us continue our foray into the Battles of the American Revolution with Germantown.  Four turns of dense fog and a unusually restrained Stephen have left two very solid lines facing off against each other.  This is going to get bloody.

Can the Patriots break Howe's line?

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Second Day (of Seven)

The battle rages on day 2 of the Seven Days against Dan K.  My Federal troops manage to get two Corps into an assault on the Confederate trench line but eventually failed their attack stoppage rolls due to Little Mac's inspired leadership.  Porter's V Corp slips across the Chickahominy and takes up a cordon defense of the river as Jackson's Valley Army probes for a crossing.

Union Balloon Corps sending pictures from above.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

ASL Extra 25: Shklov's Labors Lost

Last July I had the pleasure to be a featured player on the 2 Half-Squads podcast.  Host Dave Kleinschmidt moderated a scenario of Advanced Squad Leader as I play against the exuberant Eric Ortega. My thanks go out to Dave and Eric for a great evening.  Follow the link to listen here: ASL Extra 25: Shklov's Labors Lost.

GCACW Demo Weekend

Last Saturday I conducted a demo of the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War at our own FLGS Games Plus in Mount Prospect, Illinois.  Thanks to the recently created Wargamer Opponent Finder on Facebook I was able to organize this event with two newcomers to the system.  There is a new google map for players searching for games which I have linked on the sidebar similar to the ASL Opponent Finder.  At the demo I taught the new players the South Mountain scenario from Roads To Gettysburg II.  I hope to run more of these in the future for those interested.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The New Home of the Chicago Wargamer

Last night was the commencement ceremony and first game in the all new Historical Library and Game room now in Palatine, Illinois. Three months of renovation and organization are finally complete.  The space currently provides a three table configuration allowing for most game setups. Naturally we decided to try the maximum map coverage provided by the 3x3 map arrangement for the Civil War Brigade Series full Seven Days campaign.  Dan K. is the first opponent to break in the new space by taking the Confederacy against my Union Corps.
The room is large enough to house both the game collection and the historically related books arranged chronologically. The large east facing window provides natural light in addition to three banks of modern LED lighting for around the clock gaming or reading.  The wall color scheme is patterned on Napoleon's Chasseur a Cheval uniform. I look forward to many years of enjoyment here.
Palatine Historical Library and Game Room

Dan in shock as Porter's V Corps slips the trap!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Chicago Wargamer On The Move!

After 12 years of excellent gaming in Park Ridge we are finally moved to a new location in Palatine, Illinois. Palatine is also a suburb of Chicago located roughly 10 miles NW of our previous residence in Park Ridge.  The final game played in the old HQ was on June 1, 2018 against Mike L. where we faced off at the Battle of Brandywine from the GMT American Rev Tri-Pack.  The flag was lowered for the last time as we broke camp and so began the long march to Palatine over the summer.
Napoleon points the way to Palatine!
I write this post now several months after the move as tonight is the grand unveiling of the all new Chicago Wargamer game room and historical library!  Dan K. will be the first challenger as we resume our Civil War Brigade Series adventures.  We will be attempting the full 7 Days Battles campaign - yes, all 9 maps fit in the new room!  Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Napoleon's Resurgence

L'Empereur has "resurged" to Chicago!

Guilford Courthouse

The Games Plus spring auction is upon us.  What is the best way to avoid spending money and/or wishing you had enough? Play a game you already have!  Mike L. has been AWOL for a few months but returned in parade formation for a game of GMT's updated American Revolution Tri-Pack.  We decided to ease our way into the system with a short game of the historical battle of Guilford Courthouse.  The components in the new box are very nice as you can see.  Here is the opening of the battle with Cornwallis preparing to assault the North Carolina militia line. Nathanael Greene is standing ready off in the hazy distance.

Monday, February 5, 2018

ASL Forgotten War

Honestly, I never thought I would see this published in my lifetime.  Here it is sitting on my appropriately snow covered doorstep.