Friday, February 17, 2012

Gene Wolfe and the Fuller Award

Slightly off topic for this blog, but no less exciting for me personally, was the opportunity I had to meet my favorite author Gene Wolfe at the Capricon XXXII SF convention last week here in Chicago.  He is being honored by the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame with the Fuller Award.  The ceremony is being held on March 17th and promises to be quite an amazing evening.  The details can be found here:
Gene is a combat veteran of the Korean War, a fact intended to help keep this post legit.
I will be at the ceremony with my wife and some close friends. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lunch with the IJN

Over the holidays one of my closest friends, Tim, came to visit from Japan where he currently resides.  He brought me a package of a Japanese brand of curry that he tells me has been used by the Japanese navy since back before the war and is still available commercially. 
No new games yet in 2012.  The Palatine ASL group is currently on administrative hiatus so its has been a slow couple of winter months.  Some plans are shaping up for the near future however....