Thursday, April 11, 2019

GMT Battles of the American Revolution Recap

Here is a summary of our marathon of the Battles of the American Revolution series.  Mike L. and I played each full battle scenario without any optionals when offered.  We often switched sides based on preference, so this list does not reflect personal wins but simply which side was the victor.

Guildford Courthouse - British Marginal
Eutaw Springs - Patriot Marginal
Saratoga - Patriot Marginal
Brandywine - British Substantial
Germantown - Draw
Monmouth - Draw
Savannah - Patriot Decisive
Newtown - Patriot Substantial
Oriskany - Patriot Marginal
Pensacola - Patriot Decisive

One of the odd artifacts of the series rulebook is that every game can be won by reducing the enemy morale to zero, typically through success in combat, which immediately gives the victor a "substantial" victory.  To attain a "decisive" victory each individual game provides some specific condition such as to occupy certain hexes at game end. If one succeeds in the field during the game, you may end up denying yourself the "decisive" victory accolade.  

The Final Battle - Pensacola Falls to the Spanish