Sunday, February 16, 2014

PAASL February 2014

Saturday night was the latest PAASL meeting hosted by Dave Kleinschmidt.  Five brave souls faced another round of Winter 2014 as we made our way to the NW suburbs.  I matched up with Tom B. for J139 Light Aid Detached.  This is an interesting scenario featuring partisans attempting to hold off a mixed German column.  The partisans must buy time for a small British repair crew to hastily man a pair of vehicles in defense of their undermanned facility.  Also in attendance was newcomer Eric O. who matched wits with Mark W.  in a small scenario from Valor of the Guards.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Flying Colors - Minorca

This week Dan K. and I took to the seas with GMT's Flying Colors.  We started with Minorca, a naval battle between Britain and France during the Seven Years' War.  The British closed the gap on the French line quickly and powerful broadsides were exchanged.  A lucky shot killed the French Admiral on turn 4 quickly followed by an unlucky roll which broke the French fleet.
Britain has the wind gauge.

Ramillies fires on the Foudroyant - the Marquis is lost!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

U.S.S. Lexington Memorial

Location: Lexington, Massachusetts

Features: Series of monuments with plaques each representing one of the United States naval ships named "Lexington."

History: In honor of its place as the location of the start of the American Revolution, Lexington has given its name to several warships of the United States Navy.  The monuments here detail the exploits of these five ships:
-16 gun brigantine of the Revolutionary War era
-18 gun sloop-of-war seeing action during the 19th century including use during the Mexican War and sailing with Perry on his expedition to open Japan
-river gunboat of the American Civil War
-CV-2 "Lady Lex" Aircraft Carrier of the Battle of Coral Sea fame during World War II
-CV-16 "Blue Ghost" Aircraft Carrier of World War II

Traveler's Notes:  The U.S.S. Lexington Memorial stands out as a moving tribute to the legacy of these ships and the men who served aboard them.  Located nearby is a Visitors Center with additional information. Unfortunately it was closed at the time of my visit due to the late hour.


16 Gun Brigantine

18 Gun Sloop

River Gunboat

CV-2 "Lady Lex"

CV-16 "Blue Ghost"