Sunday, May 12, 2019

Last Chance For Victory - July 1: Dawn to 2:00 pm

Dan K. and I recently started Last Chance For Victory's full battle of Gettysburg scenario, Dean Essig's latest regimental treatment of the battle using his Line of Battle series rules. The current edition is a much evolved version of his groundbreaking Civil War Brigade Series most remembered for the use of actual written orders to direct your troop movements. This signature command feature exists here along with a linear combat model that more accurately reflects the way Civil War era engagements played out.  It is also unique in that it is one of the first Gettysburg games to constrain the Confederate player as he approaches the town on the morning of July 1 to better represent the actual historical situation.  A.P. Hill and his boys cannot blitz across the map securing far flung objectives when in reality they barely knew what was over the next ridge.

July 1 8:30AM Burford's Cav block the roads to Gettysburg

John Burns lends a hand!

Here we see Heth's approach to McPherson's Ridge, who by design always opens the battle with his historical decision to send in Archer and Davis' brigades to probe Buford's cavalry screen. As higher level commands start to arrive you begin to develop your own battle plan, but the opening moves of the unexpected meeting engagement set the tempo of the battle in a more appropriate historical context.

July 1 10:45AM Iron Brigade ambushes Davis

July 1 1:45 Reinforcements from all directions!