Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Battle For Normandy Finish - June 15

The Normandy campaign came to a sudden halt after the Allies broke out from the German lines.  June 15 was an optional sudden death victory check date, so we decided to apply the rule as the Allies had amassed enough victory locations to bring an end to the game.  We would have liked to play it out farther, but time issues over the next few weeks and the impending holidays pushed us in favor of wrapping it up.

Normandy: Evening of June 15, 1944

The Americans conducted a breakout from the Vire River line near Saint-Jean-de-Daye with the 2nd Armored Division spearheading a race to seal off the peninsula at Lessay and driving deep south to Coutances. In the north the American 90th Infantry Division assaulted the defenses of Cherbourg and pushed through to the coast at Carteret.  This double envelopment pocketed the remaining German defenders on the Cotentin.  The Allies ended the day with 37 points of geographic objectives.

American Breakout: June 13-15, 1944
Some post game stats:
Play length: July 8 - November 11, 2014
Play time: 17 sessions averaging 4.15 hours
Total play time: 70 hours
Total Campaign Game Dates: June 6 - August 11 = 67 days (201 turns)
Completed Campaign Game Dates: June 6 - June 15 = 10 days (30 turns)