Monday, September 3, 2018

Chicago Wargamer On The Move!

After 12 years of excellent gaming in Park Ridge we are finally moved to a new location in Palatine, Illinois. Palatine is also a suburb of Chicago located roughly 10 miles NW of our previous residence in Park Ridge.  The final game played in the old HQ was on June 1, 2018 against Mike L. where we faced off at the Battle of Brandywine from the GMT American Rev Tri-Pack.  The flag was lowered for the last time as we broke camp and so began the long march to Palatine over the summer.
Napoleon points the way to Palatine!
I write this post now several months after the move as tonight is the grand unveiling of the all new Chicago Wargamer game room and historical library!  Dan K. will be the first challenger as we resume our Civil War Brigade Series adventures.  We will be attempting the full 7 Days Battles campaign - yes, all 9 maps fit in the new room!  Stay tuned.

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