Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The New Home of the Chicago Wargamer

Last night was the commencement ceremony and first game in the all new Historical Library and Game room now in Palatine, Illinois. Three months of renovation and organization are finally complete.  The space currently provides a three table configuration allowing for most game setups. Naturally we decided to try the maximum map coverage provided by the 3x3 map arrangement for the Civil War Brigade Series full Seven Days campaign.  Dan K. is the first opponent to break in the new space by taking the Confederacy against my Union Corps.
The room is large enough to house both the game collection and the historically related books arranged chronologically. The large east facing window provides natural light in addition to three banks of modern LED lighting for around the clock gaming or reading.  The wall color scheme is patterned on Napoleon's Chasseur a Cheval uniform. I look forward to many years of enjoyment here.
Palatine Historical Library and Game Room

Dan in shock as Porter's V Corps slips the trap!

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