Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Lexington Minuteman

Location: Lexington, Massachusetts

Features: Monument on the Lexington Green

History: The date of this post, April 19, marks the 239th anniversary of the first battles of the American Revolution.  The opening shots came at dawn on the Lexington Green as the British Regulars confronted the assembled militia.  The monument is said to be a likeness of Captain John Parker, leader of the local militia.

Traveler's Notes: This is the starting point of the Lexington to Concord route that is simply filled with historical sites from early Americana.  In October 2013, I marched the distance from Lexington to the Old North Bridge in Concord, following the path of the British column.  I stopped along the way to record as many of the attractions as time allowed. These to be featured in future posts.

Resources: Battles_of_Lexington_and_ConcordJohn_Parker_(captain)