Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stonewall Jackson's Way II

At long last the newest entry in the GCACW has arrived: Stonewall Jackson's Way II.  It is unfortunate that MMP decided to market this game as SJW 2.0 because the box contains so much more than the original.  It provides two complete modules sharing one map set.  The "All Green Alike" module features scenarios and campaigns from the July 1861 1st Bull Run period, while "Stonewall Jackson's Way" contains those actions from the 2nd Bull Run campaign of 1862.  A more appropriate title for the game should have been something in the vein of "Stonewall Finds His Way to Bull Run - Twice!"   Well, perhaps something a little snappier, but you get idea.  With over 2x the content of the original game a little rebranding might have been in order.

The components use the new standard design established with MMP in "Battle Above the Clouds."   The manpower counters included now go up to 18 making it now possible to use the new informational counters in most of the older games.  The map is another GCACW wonder, with very crisp detail and lighter hues making it much easier to read than some of the older maps.  The maps have been completely updated to the standard rules, incorporating new terrain features such as hills and ferries.

The "All Green Alike" module contains 5 scenarios and 2 modules from the 1861 early war period.  The units here are all appropriately "green" with leadership values ranging from 1 to -1.  Even the mighty Stonewall himself rates only a 1.  It should be noted that two of the scenarios and one of the campaigns require the use of the west map from "Here Come the Rebels," which would be problematic for those without that edition.

The "Stonewall Jackson's Way" portion contains 7 scenarios and 2 campaigns.  This is two more scenarios than were included in the original.  The new scenarios are all rebalanced and Jackson is now leadership 4 as per the standard rules, down from his superman 5.  Mike L. plans on playing these all out with me over the next month so I'll report on the individual games.  All in all a worthy successor to the original.  Now, when can we expect Atlanta.....