Sunday, June 11, 2017

First Battle of Bull Run - Three Battles of Manassas

After much preparation, the opening shots of the Civil War with Dan K. have been fired. We plan to do a chronological play of all the battles from The Gamers/MMP Civil War Brigade Series.  Our first outing, naturally, is the historical Bull Run scenario from the "Three Battles of Manassas." Here is an after-action report of the battle.

Bull Run: June 21, 1861

Morning Action
McDowell orders Heintzelman's 3rd Division to attack Henry House Hill.  J.E. Johnston rapidly orders his Army of the Valley to march to the hill and successfully repulses the 3 Div attack. Hunter's 2nd Division is also under orders to take the Hill, but after probing the north edge of Henry House Hill, McDowell orders them to reverse march and secure the area around the Stone Bridge.

Johnston orders Cocke's Brigade to take the Stone Bridge but is turned back by heavy fire from Tyler's 1st Division.

Noon Action:
McDowell moves the 3rd Division from its rally point on Dogan's Ridge to help defend the Stone Bridge.
Beauregard begins to assemble the brigades on the Confederate right wing north of Blackburn's Ford for a planned attack on the Union 5th Division in a push on Centerville to cut the Union lines.

Afternoon Action:
McDowell orders Tyler's 1st Division to flank the Confederate defenses in a push on New Market. Johnston is able to quickly order some units from Henry House Hill to create a defense line north-east of New Market.  Tyler pushes through this line but the Confederates reform a second defensive line. The sun goes down and the day ends before Tyler is able to continue the assault and fails to take his objective.

Beauregard's assault begins on Miles' 5th Division. Noticeably absent is Gen. Ewell's Confederate Brigade who has been lead astray by the confusing local roads and fails to make it to the battle in time.  Brigades under Longstreet, Holmes, Bonham and Early charge hard into the Union defenses with heavy casualties on both sides.  Gen. Miles is severely wounded and carried from the field.  McDowell orders the 3rd Division to leave the defense of the Stone Bridge and secure Centerville in the event of a Southern breakthrough.  The Southern forces come close to breaking the Union line but eventually the toll of battle forces the Confederates to fall back in exhaustion.

Jones' Confederate Brigade attempts to flank the Union lines with a march up the Union Mills Road but is soundly repulsed by Von Steinwehr's stalwart defenders.

The First Battle of Bull Run has ended in a Draw!

Union losses: 3,400 men
Confederate Losses; 5,500 men

New Market Union Assault Final Positions  

Beauregard's Attack on Union 5th Division Final Positions

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