Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ASL - Silence That Gun, I Think Not

The latest episode of the 2 Half Squads features Jeff H. discussing our game of Silence That Gun a few weeks ago at PAASL.  It was the first time we've been at the same meeting in 5 years.  It turned into quite a disaster for me as the USA this time.  To counter Jeff's able defense I went for a sweep into the woods on his right flank. I smashed through his conscript screen and made it safely into the woods.  All that was left was to clean up the two remaining conscript defenders and rush the building line where his gun was located.  Those guys would not go down, surviving both PBF and returning fire with FPF successfully on conscript morale 6.  After a turn of recovery I made it into LOS of the gun and prepared to pepper it with the 4 Bazookas.  I rolled "12" on every shot!  The guy that issued that box of BAZ is in trouble.  With one turn to go my only chance was to blast 'em with old fashioned IFT....and a miss.  Down to the wire. Thanks for the tense game, Jeff.
You can hear it all here at:
The Two Half Squads: Episode 86

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