Saturday, April 16, 2011

Leading the Tin Men

Last night was the April meeting of the PAASL group in Palatine.  I was matched up with John P. for scenario SV5 Lions and Tin Men from the Swedish Volunteers pack.  This kit features a set of white and light blue counters to represent the small number of Swedes who fought in the Winter War and the continuing conflicts in the region.  In the interests of time we picked a smaller scenario (4.5 turns) featuring a German attack to breakout through the valley on board 24 defended by a mixed bag of Swedes and other Allied Minors.  We randomly picked sides and I drew the German force.  The Germans start with a basic infantry force that is reinforced by 2 of 3 randomly selected groups, one of which features a PzIB and a squad on a bicycle!  To make a short story even shorter, some really unfortunate die rolling combined with John P.'s expertly handled defense resulted in a Swedish win.  My tin men's morale finally collapsed when the Swedish ATR immobilized my PzIB just short of the board edge.
The highlight of the evening, however, occured when the attending members were all recruited by Dave K. to participate in a short audio sketch that will be featured on the 2 Half Squads!  The NDA requires me to remain silent on the experience until it is actually released to the public.

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