Sunday, April 17, 2011


Any serious wargamer knows that half the fun of the hobby is accessorizing: counter clipping, organization, storage, and shelving to name a few.  This weekends project was to refurbish the game table.
I rescued what would become my primary game table from the in-laws basement about 20 years ago.  There it sat alone and unloved in a dark corner because it was a really ugly table, looking like it had been constructed out of left over pieces of basement wood paneling from 1958.  However, it is extremely sturdy and perfectly sized for the gamers needs: 3x4 expandable to 3x5 or 3x6 with two leaves.  My original solution was to tack down a piece of green felt, but this made it difficult to manipulate the leaves as needed.  Also, I was unhappy with the ease with which the plexiglass topper could slide around. 
The solution to the plexiglass problem was to mount 6 brass door brackets on three sides of the table allowing you to slide the plexiglass under the brackets at the narrow end of the table, thus eliminating counter quakes.  The solution to the dark wood grain...spray paint.  And here are the results of a successful weekend of wargame accessorizing.

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