Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Battle For Normandy Update - June 11

Normandy: June 11, 1944
Our Normandy campaign continues as we are on the sixth day of the invasion, with nearly two and a half months of real time logged.  The weather has held up for the most part, giving the Allies time to make some significant gains in select sectors.  German resistance grows along the bocage line.

British and Canadian Front
The British thrust lead by the Desert Rats push through Bayeux toward Caumont. The Canadians and British 3rd Infantry screen Caen, waiting for their opportunity.

American Zone: Omaha 
The Big Red One finishes off a large pocket of the German 352nd who held out at Trevieres for seven days.  U.S. 28th Infantry push on toward St. Lo, but have not linked up with Utah yet.  Strong German lines hold the Douve and Taute Rivers.

American Zone: Utah
The U.S. Airborne forces have remained static against strong German defenses while the 90th Infantry have pushed through on the coast to the north in a mad dash to reach Cherbourg.

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