Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Battle For Normandy - The Night of June 6

The great invasion has finally begun.  Tuesday night saw my Allies take on Dan K.'s Germans as we started the standard campaign game.  We spent some time finalizing setup and reviewing various rules which left us with just enough time to complete the initial June 6 night airdrop phase.  We realized too late that we had already made on error in the drop procedure rolling for scatter direction for each individual company. However, we decided to let it stand and move on.  It will just take me a little longer to reform the battalions from the slightly farther afield companies.

The British 6th AB landed consistently south of the Bois de Bavent in a fairly tight pattern with minimal losses.  The Ox and Bucks took Pegasus Bridge.
The British Airdrop

The US took slightly higher losses than historical,  losing 17 of 54 (31%) airborne infantry companies plus the 101st HQ compared to the 22% historical loss rate.

The American Airdrop 
 Next week we hit the beaches...

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