Saturday, November 9, 2013

It Never Snows Wrap Up

This week we finished up our "It Never Snows" campaign game.  The Allied effort ended a bit abruptly when they failed to dislodge a German effort to cut the supply line at the Veghel bridge.  My initial impression of the game centers on the game specific road march rule.  Both sides have the ability to make sweeping "strategic" moves along the extensive road net at the beginning of every turn.  This requires both sides to maintain a rigorous vigilance on unit placement at every possible crossroads where an axis of advance is possible.  One small misstep will see a large enemy force behind your lines cutting off supply or sweeping behind a defensive river line.  In the context of the design it makes sense, given the large number of security details available to cover all avenues and the effect the rule brings by allowing for a "surprise" counter-attack without difficult fog of war rules.  However, during actual play I found that this covering every crossroads element to the game dominated my thinking more than the actual operations.  Perhaps it was inevitable given that we were playing this with just two people manning all the various fronts.  The demands of maintaining security for all those sectors might have taken me out of the game a bit.  I should like to try this with multiple players next time to see how much it changes the experience.
Germans hold on by a thread at Veghel Bridge

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Dan said...

"Veghel" is my "Rosebud" -- it will be the last word I speak on my deathbed.